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Invited Exhibitions 

           2019                Vernon Area Public Library, , Lincolnshire, IL. Silk Painting demonstration.  Jan 10,


           2018                Vernon Area Public Library, , Lincolnshire, IL. Papercutting demonstration.  June 18,           


            2018                Deerfield Public Library, Deerfield, IL. Papercutting demonstration.  May 3,


            2017                 Wauconda Library, Lincoln Room, Wauconda, IL. Sculptural paper drawings.


            2017                 Wauconda Library, Wauconda, IL. Papercutting demonstration. October 18, & 23,


            2016                 Inside Home, Chicago, IL. "West Town Art Walk", Sculptural paper drawings.


            2011                 Gallery Hanahou, New York, NY. “Luv-able & Hug-able”, Sculpture - Group Show


            2011                 Schmancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Plush You VII”, Sculpture – Group Show


            2010                 Gallery Hanahou, New York, NY. “Luv-able & Hug-able”, Sculpture - Group Show


            2010                 Nancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Plush You VI”, Sculpture – Group Show



            2009                 Gallery Hanahou, New York, NY. “Luv-able & Hug-able”, Sculpture -Group Show


            2009                 Nancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Plush You V”, Sculpture – Group Show



            2009                 Synthetica Gallery, Cincinnati, OH “Official Showcase”, Drawings-Group Show


            2009                 Gallery LELE, Tokyo, Japan “Remember Love”, Sculpture-Group Show



            2008                 Gallery Hanahou, New York, NY. “Luv-able & Hug-able”, Sculpture - Group Show


            2008                 Nancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Plush You IV”, Sculpture – Group Show


            2008                 Nancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Big Bad Wolf”, Paintings- Solo Show


            2008                 Cranky Yellow, St. Louis, MO, “Crammed Organism’s”, Sculpture-Group Show


            2008                 Hello My Name is Gallery, New Haven, CT, “Plush”, Sculpture-GroupShow


            2008                 Genuine Imitation, Portland, OR, “Lost and Found”, Prints andDrawings-Group Show


            2007                 Gallery Hanahou, New York, NY. “Luv-able & Hug-able”, Sculpture -Group Show


            2007                 Nancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Plush You III”, Sculpture – Group Show


            2007                 Café Kino, Bristol, England, “Foodstuffs Exhibition” Sculpture-Group Show

            2006                 Nest Studio, South Austalia, “Morphe II”, Sculpture-Group Show



               2006                 Schmancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Plush You II”, Sculpture – Group Show   


            2005                 ACME, Columbus, OH, “Plush Rush”, Sculpture-Group Show


            2005                 TINA (This is Not Art), Newcastle, Australia, “Life’s a Stitch”, Sculpture-Group Show


            2005                 Cincinnati Art Museum Library, Cincinnati,OH “Staff Infection”,Sculpture-Group Show


            2005                 Schmancy Gallery, Seattle, WA. “Plush You”, Sculpture – Group Show   


            2005                 Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH, “18th Annual Minumental Show”, 2”x2” work-GroupShow


            2004                 Cincinnati Art Museum Library, Cincinnati,OH, “Minunmental Retrospective”, 2”x2” work-Group Show


            2002                 SSNova, Cincinnati,OH, “Bear in Mind”, Drawings and Sculpture-Group Show


            2001                 Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago, IL, “Be My Valentine”, Drawings and Sculpture-Group Show


            2001                 Arena Gallery, Chicago, IL,”MCA Staff Show”, Drawings and Sculpture-Group Show


            2000                 Chidlaw Gallery, Cincinnati,OH, ”They Continued Toward Texas”,Paintings, and Sculpture-Group Show


            2000                 Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH, “Annual Minumental Show”,2”x2” work-Group Show


            1999                 Beanery, Cincinnati, OH, “Drawings”,-Group Show


            1999                 Civic Garden Center, Cincinnati, OH, “Garden Show”, Sculpture –Group Show


            1998                 Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH, “Annual Minumental Show 2”x2” work-Group Show


            1998                 Dooley’s Upper Deck, Cincinnati, OH, Photographs- Solo Show


            1997                 Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH, “Annual Minumental Show”,2”x2” work-Group Show


            1997                 Middletown Fine Art Center, Middletown, OH, Drawings and Paintings-with Kendall Bruns


            1997                 Vernon Manor, Cincinnati, OH, “Discophiles”, Paintings-with Marcus Knupp


            1996                 Dilea Gallery, Cincinnati,OH, Sculpture-Group Show